About us

We are one of the largest public international TeamSpeak-Server

The History

The TeamSpeak "Synchrom" has been around for several years now, to be more specific since 23rd August 2015.

It all started on a Minecraft server where many of players of Synchrom played. One day Cydros had the idea to found a clan called "TheNicerDicers". Already in the first days many people came to the clan and when the Minecraft server was closed, the clan's desire to have its own TeamSpeak server came up.

This was implemented with many efforts into action. Since then, we have grown more and more and adapted to the time. We started with 50 slots and can record 512 users since then. Since June 2018, we have committed ourselves to be international, which means that all nations are represented on our TeamSpeak.


Because we have set ourselves to be international, our number of users are constantly high.

Where we had only 400 users in the database 5 years ago, today it is already up to 60,000. During the day, about 100 users are online, nighttime 200. 150 different countries were already on our TeamSpeak.

What we offer

We offer many different functions on our server, here's a little overview:

Bannerbot: A dynamic banner that updates the server information, date, time and own level statistics every minute.

Levelbot: Gives users level ranks that count on the activity on the TeamSpeak server. The higher you are a level, the longer you need to ascend.

Channelbot: Create channels, if necessary. (e.g. if someone enters a room for 2 people, a new one will be created for the next user)

Clarity: We put a lot of effort on the overview and the group icons.

Working on improvment

Our team is consistently working on improvment.

Level system

If you climb in level you will get more rights.

Big community

Synchrom has a daily increase in user numbers around the world

Our Team



Graphic Designer
Web Development
Partnership Management
┕ German, English



System Development
┕ Arabic, English



┕ Arabic, English



┕ Polish, English

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